Costa Coffee – Totally Unacceptable!

Reviewed on November 17th, 2012 by Dina

Littering in this day and age is unacceptable but it is even worse when businesses do it. A perfect example of this is Costa Coffee in Stratford Shopping Mall. This particular business should take full responsibility to clear up their mess and litter.

Please click the link below and read the article.

Take a moment to make Costa clear up! Thank you!

Autumn Drinks!

Reviewed on October 4th, 2012 by Dina

Welcome in the Autumn time with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! Normally, I don’t write about the chain coffee shops, but I just had to share this with you, as it is a delicious drink!

I know it has been around in America for a lot of years, as that is where I first tried it. Now it makes its first appearance here in the UK. Hope you enjoy this warming yummy drink!

Also, there is something about fruit crumble which is appropriate for this time of year! Costa has a new Rhubarb and Custard Crumble Cake. This combination sounds ideal.!/

If you haven’t read this, then here is our original post about coffee chain shops, titled Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero and the like!

Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero and the like!

Reviewed on August 13th, 2008 by Dina

So, you may be wondering why we haven’t got any reviews on Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero. The answer is that we wanted Rate my Bistro to be about cafes that you may not have stumbled across before.

To tell you the truth, I think that once you’ve been to one or two of the main chain coffee shops, they are pretty much all the same. Saying that though, one of my favourite drinks is hot soy milk. I have found that Starbucks do this drink well. Okay, it may seem like a simple enough drink to ask for, but it has been given to me a number of times with a shot of coffee.

I would also say that Starbucks do a great hot chocolate. A tip is that if you feel like a little more indulgence, then ask them to put a few extra pumps of hot chocolate in your drink. That is a real treat.

I recently tried the Vivanno(orange mango and banana) nourishing blend drink. It is just a smoothie made with banana, fruit juice and milk. It wasn’t anything special and I think that you can get better smoothies at other cafes.

As for cakes, muffins and pastries, Caffe Nero excel on this area. They always seem fresh and they taste good too. If you fancy a cold drink, then the iced chai latte is recommended from Caffe Nero. I have found that the chai latte from Starbucks was too sweet.

Rating: ★★★☆☆