Yaki – Goodge Street

Reviewed on January 6th, 2014 by Dina

Yaki is a Japanese eatery and bakery in central London. It seemed like a good place to go for lunch especially as they did a One Bowl Meal on rice!

The Oyako-Don was a combination of chicken and egg cooked in Japanese seasoning served with rice. It also came with some pickled ginger and edamame. Although the dish had a good flavour, there was not enough chicken and egg and so most of the meal was the rice.

YakiYaki Oyako DonYaki 2Yaki InteriorYaki Tai YakiYaki Latte

One specialty of Yaki is their Tai-yaki. This is a fish shaped waffle with a savoury or sweet filling. Originally, I was going to choose the green tea custard azuki filling but then did not fancy the red bean with custard. The Tai-yaki was served warm with its filling of green tea custard white chocolate. The fish waffle was a lot bigger than I had expected and it was not overly sweet.

Yaki is a small place with only a few tables and chairs inside. There are some window seats. Luckily, it was not too much of a cold day, so we were able to sit outdoors.

A warming drink was needed so the green tea soya latte was chosen. This drink seemed more to taste of the milk rather than the green tea which was surprising as it was made with macha green tea.

On a positive note, the food is cooked fresh to order. The staff were friendly and after placing our full order, the various items were brought out to us.

If you want something different for lunch, Yaki also does the omelette style Okonomi-yaki, baked octopus balls Taco-yaki and also Rice Burgers!

Yaki , 53 Goodge Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1TG

Rating: ★★★½☆

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Pescatori – Fitzrovia

Reviewed on February 8th, 2013 by Dina

After a good but busy kind of a week, it felt fitting to take some time out and go out for dinner. The location of Pescatori was at the quieter end of Charlotte Street, away from the many other eateries.

The initial vibe that I got when I first entered Pescatori was that it felt very welcoming. This continued throughout the whole evening. The restaurant had a rustic feel to it with its dark wooden beams, arches and alcoves. There was also a boat and oars hanging from the ceiling!

Sardines are so underrated; they are one of my favourite fish. Three butterflied chargrilled sardines with salsa verde was my starter dish. The lightness of the sardines went well with the rich tomato salsa verde. The sardines were served with half of an Amalfi lemon. A delicious start to my evening meal.

Pescatori SardinesPescatoriPescatori Severn and Wye SalmonPescatori InteriorPescatori Apple and Blackberry SbrisolataPescatori Interior 2

The next course consisted of a steamed Severn and Wye salmon fillet. The salmon was a big chunky portion and it was nice that it wasn’t dressed with lots of additional flavouring, just a simple cream sauce. The salmon was supposed to come with crushed potato and watercress salad. As I wanted something hot, I had the black venere rice instead of the salad. The crushed potato came mixed with olives and capers. The steamed salmon dish was a satisfying and filling meal.

The evening would not have been complete without the dessert. Originally, I was going to have the almond pannacotta but then thought that it may be too creamy for my liking. So, the apple and blackberry sbrisolata was chosen. This was like a fruit tart topped with a pistachio and hazelnut crumble. The fruit was perfectly sweet and it was lovely with the ice cream and the sauce.

The staff were really friendly and professional. They made the whole dining experience feel special. It was nice that they recommended dishes. It was good to see the chefs at work in the open kitchen at the back of the restaurant. The staff were attentive, but let me take my time over the meal.

Dining at Pescatori was a perfect evening out and it felt like a real treat. A good end to a busy few days! It seemed that Pescatori was a busy and popular restaurant and I look forward to returning to try some more of their dishes!

Pescatori, 57 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4PD

Rating: ★★★★★

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