Jinnah – Bradford

Reviewed on June 13th, 2016 by Dina

Located a short distance from the main city centre of Bradford is Jinnah. It felt like it had a good vibe and it was very busy when we dined here.

A bar area is close to the entrance. The restaurant part is made up of booths and cushioned red, white and black seats. The staff were friendly and it was nice to have some banter with them. Saying that though, the service was a bit under par. Cutlery, napkins and drinks were asked for many times. Even after several requests, we were only given the items pretty much as we ended the meal.

Some of the tables and surrounding areas were not cleaned up after the diners had left. The restaurant was busy but that is no excuse for it being unclean. At the end of the evening when the restaurant was closing, it was cleaned properly. It is a shame that the restaurant was not kept clean when diners were there.

A couple of Jinnah mocktails started off the evening. The classic Pino Colada was moreish with its combination of pineapple and coconut. The Strawberry Soother was a layered drink of strawberry puree with orange juice. A jug of Mango Lassi was super. It was not too filling like often is the case with lassis.

Jinnah does a mixture of cuisines. For something a bit different, the Arabic Mezze was chosen. This fresh mezze was made of hummus, moutabel and tabouli which was served with pitta bread and olives. The Vegetable Samosas had a thick pastry. The Aloo Chops were thin potato slices in a batter. Both the samosas and the aloo chops were fairly spicy. The charcoal grilled Paneer Tikka had a great flavour to them. The starters came with salad and chutneys.

For the mains, the favourite had to be the Vegetable Biryani. It was so flavoursome with the pilau rice, mixed vegetables and garlic. The raita on the side made a good addition. The Karahi Vegetable was great too. The combination of mixed vegetables cooked with tomatoes, ginger and garlic was a good dish. Jinnah does do tasty food. Soft fluffy fresh plain naans were just right to go with the Karahi Vegetable.

Jinnah gave us a relaxed evening with tasty food. It was worth trying out and hopefully they will improve on their service and cleanliness.

Jinnah, 99-109 Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 5BL

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Shimla Spice – Shipley

Reviewed on April 26th, 2015 by Dina

Shimla Spice looks quite decadent with its flocked wallpaper, ornate silver mirrors and little lights covering the ceiling. It has the banner in the window stating that is the Best Indian Restaurant in England 2013 from the English Curry Awards.

The Shimla Spice Vegetarian Mix was a good combination of vegetable pakoras, onion bhajis, paneer pakoras and vegetable samosas. It came with a side salad. Although all of the items were fried, there were not at all greasy. The batter and pastry encasing the various items were crispy.

Shimla SpiceShimla Spice Vegetarian MixShimla Spice InteriorShimla Spice Balti Veg PaneerShimla Spice Saag PaneerShimla Spice Vegetable Masala

The Vegetable Masala was a combination of aubergine, cauliflower, pepper, peas and carrots in a thick sauce. Peas and paneer made up most of the Balti Mixed Veg Paneer. A side dish of Saag Paneer was also had. The spinach was not overcooked and not too mushy. The paneer pieces had a grilled texture to them. All of the dishes had a lot of flavour and were not too spicy as requested. The naans that accompanied the meal were freshly cooked, soft and fluffy.

Even though we had enquired about the closing time to make sure we could dine without time being an issue, the waiters did not give us an enjoyable dining experience. Throughout the whole meal, the staff were constantly hovering over us, taking away plates even though we were still eating. The main dishes were brought out as soon as the starters had been finished, without letting us have a gap in between.

Shimla Spice was given the benefit of doubt, thinking that this was just a one off experience. But we have returned a couple of times, only again to be rushed through the entire meal. It is a real shame as the food is of good quality.

If you want curry in a hurry, then Shimla Spice is the place to go. If you are looking for an enjoyable relaxed evening out, then it may be better to head to another eatery in the vicinity!

Shimla Spice, 69 Otley Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 2BJ

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Guglee – Finchley Road

Reviewed on February 22nd, 2015 by Dina

After a spot of shopping and browsing, it was originally planned to go to the movies. But as there was nothing enticing on, dinner out happened instead. Even though the O2 Centre has a few eateries, we ventured further down the road to Guglee.

Guglee’s bright orange sign states Modern Indian Cuisine. Inside, vibrant colourful canvases of rickshaws and the Taj Mahal decorated the walls. Bollywood music played in the background. A gold metal menu contained the many dishes and it took us a while to decide what to order as we were spoilt for choice.

GugleeGuglee Veggie PlatterGuglee Mushroom RiceGuglee Yellow Tadka DalGuglee Veggie Veggie 5Guglee Tandoori RotiGuglee InteriorGuglee MenuGuglee Interior 2

The Veggie Platter was what we started with as its variety of snacks also included street food. Mashed up vegetables with a crunchy outer was the Almond Roll. The Mini Masala Dosa was a classic with its thin crepe stuffed full of potatoes. A crispy puri filled with tamarind chutney, mint chutney, chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt and sev made up the Sev Puri. Both of the Samosa and Spinach Onion Bhaji were tasty. All of the items of the Veggie Platter were delicious with their sweet, sour, tangy and spiced flavours.

Our feast at Guglee continued with two curries, rice and roti. The Yellow Tadka Dal was creamy and the flavour of the cumin came through. The Veggie Veggie 5 curry had carrots, courgette, green beans, babycorn and broccoli in a tomato and onion based sauce. This curry was slightly spicy.

A wholemeal flaky Tandoori Roti and Mushroom Rice completed the meal. It was a nice change to have the Mushroom Rice instead of regular plain rice. There were also cumin seeds in the rice.

The staff gave us nice service. They did not bother us whilst we were having our meal yet they were attentive. They gave us extra cutlery and the like when we asked for it and made sure our table was cleaned between our courses.

Guglee made for a great evening out with thoroughly delicious and fresh tasting Indian food.

Guglee, 7 New College Parade, London, NW3 5EP

Rating: ★★★★☆

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