Crocodile Cafe – Muswell Hill

Reviewed on February 21st, 2012 by Dina

Crocodile Cafe is part of the Crocodile Antiques shop in Muswell Hill! You have the option of going through the shop to get to the cafe but I prefer the other way. The other entrance is next to the shop, down the green foliage plant filledĀ aisle. Here you can pass by the fish pond with the carp!

The kitchen area of Crocodile Cafe can also be seen from this walkway. The pavement leads to a heated outdoor covered seating area on one side and the cafe entrance on the other.

Crocodile Cafe has lots of cakes on display, including scones and fruit bread teacakes. Along the top of the counter fridge are a row of small jars displaying the many teas on offer. The cafe does hot food such as breakfasts, soups, paninis, soups, jacket potatoes. It also does sandwiches and milkshakes.

At the Crocodile Cafe, you order at the counter, and then go upstairs to the seating areas. There are two areas, one of which had comfy seating! This area led to the shop.

The staff were really friendly and gave service with a smile. As we were indecisive on whether to go for the carrot cake or the apple cinnamon cake, we thought the easiest way would be to ask the staff. We went with their recommendation of the carrot cake.

The carrot cake was a big portion, definitely enough to share. It was moist, with raisins and carrots. A really tasty carrot cake and it was nice that it only had a thin layer of the cream frosting.

The tea was served by the pot. The vanilla chai tea was a lovely tea with the subtle flavours of the spices coming through.

Crocodile Cafe has a really relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and good quality food. It is easy to spot the cafe by the painted mural of the crocodile on the side of the walkway!

Crocodile Cafe, 120 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10 3RU

Rating: ★★★★½

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Feast on the Hill – Muswell Hill

Reviewed on April 7th, 2011 by Dina

Feast on the Hill is a place that I’d been meaning to go to for a while but just never got round to it. So when a friend suggested meeting there one weekend, it was the perfect chance to go try the place out.

As it was a bright sunny Spring like day, there were a few people dining outdoors! Inside, the cafe was busy and most of the tables were already occupied. The decor was quite simple with dark wooden furniture.

I wasn’t sure how hungry I actually was so was contemplating between a light brunch, such as bagels or something slightly heartier. Eggs Florentine caught my eye and my decision was made!

Nicely toasted muffin topped with a good amount of spinach and two poached eggs to complete! The eggs had been cooked well done just like I had requested. The hollandaise sauce that topped the eggs was pretty good! It had a light frothy texture and a tangy flavour. The dish also had some dressing which worked well with the eggs, spinach and muffin.

As I was having brunch, I had the English breakfast tea. It was served in a white teapot. It was nice that the cup was more like a coffee cup in size, so it felt like a good size cup of tea!

The staff and service were good. Even though I had ordered a little while after my friends, I was not waiting too long for my food.

Feast on the Hill was busy and there were constantly queues of people waiting to be seated. But we were not rushed in any way and were given the chance to enjoy our food and to chat!

Feast on the Hill, 56 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3HN

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Bakko – Muswell Hill

Reviewed on April 21st, 2010 by Dina

Bakko is a fantastic family run Turkish restaurant which serves food of the highest quality! There were so many things on the menu that took my fancy. It finally came down to a choice between some mezes or a main dish. I chose a few of the hot mezes so that I had some variety in my meal!

The soup of the day was lentil soup. It was a good bowl of soup in both size and taste! I was expecting the Sigara Borek to be triangle shaped pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley. Instead, I was presented with thin crispy rolls with the feta filling, cooked to perfection and served with houmous!

The last dish that made up my selection of meze was the Mantar Guvec. This dish consisted of mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions in a red wine and tomato sauce. The flavours worked well together and was even better with the cheese that it was topped with! The warm pitta bread was great to dip into the sauce and also to go with the soup and the houmous!

The restaurant was so warm and welcoming! The staff were superb, friendly and gave service with a smile! The decor in Bakko was interesting; it had lots of original items and treasures from Eastern Turkey! The wooden chairs and tables gave a nice contrast with the plants and the colourful wall decorations! Bakko also has some comfy seats at the far end of the restaurant! This is truly a gem of a restaurant in the heart of Muswell Hill!

Bakko, 172-174 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10 3SA

Rating: ★★★★★

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