Orkide – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Reviewed on June 20th, 2011 by Dina

Orkide is a great Thai restaurant in lively Sodermalm! As you enter, they have the bar area and then the dining area is on either side.

The restaurant is spacious with purple decor. The seating is comfortable with sofa style seats along the back wall. The other chairs are purple and are cushioned. There is also covered outdoor seating.

The Pad Thai Pak was presented beautifully with a small orchid flower as a final touch to the plate! It was a huge portion but I liked it as they had not skimped on the vegetables or the noodles. There was a good range of chunky vegetables which included courgettes, mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, beansprouts, bamboo shoots and spring onions.

There were little bowls on the plate. These were filled with crushed peanuts and dried chillies. This was one of the best Pad Thai’s that I have ever had!

The Gaeng Ped Pak was another big portion and it was served with rice. We thought that this red curry would be quite spicy and we were quite pleased that it wasn’t. Just like the Pad Thai, this dish had lots of chunky vegetables and a great flavour too.

The food at Orkide was brought out fairly fast and the service was good. Even though we were one of the last diners in the restaurant, we were not hurried in any way to finish our meal and to leave the restaurant.

Orkide delivers outstanding, flavoursome, tasty, filling food! One thing to note is that Orkide does not serve bottled mineral water!

Orkide, Medborgarplatsen 3, Sodermalm, 11872, Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★★

A La Crepe – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Reviewed on October 8th, 2010 by Dina

A La Crepe is a lovely place to come for pancakes, sweet and savoury. The seats were surrounded by patterned cushions against huge windows. It’s nice that on a hot day that they fully open these windows.

We were seated with the entrance at one end and the bar at the other. I’m not sure how big A La Crepe was as I could see that the seats did extend around the corner, but didn’t know how far it actually went.

The staff were absolutely fantastic; so friendly and helpful. They translated the items on the menu into English for us.

For the start of the pancake meal, I had the vegetarian galette. It tasted like it was made from buckwheat flour. The filling was spinach, sauteed mushrooms and honeyed walnuts. It was also supposed to have Roquefort cheese but I asked for it without.

The waitress told me that the crepe would be too dry without the cheese and suggested that the Roquefort could be replaced with creme fraiche. This seemed like a good idea but then she told me that the creme fraiche came mixed with cognac. I wanted the creme fraiche to be alcohol free.

I was informed that the kitchen was really busy but the waitress said that she would really try to get them to use plain creme fraiche. I was happy that I was served with my requested galette, alcohol free and Roquefort cheese free.

The vegetarian galette came folded up and topped with green salad. Some of the savoury crepes that my friends ordered were served open. We came to the conclusion that the pancakes that had colourful fillings were served open and the plainer ones were served closed. We had no idea whether we were right or wrong.

The galette was very filling. It was a good combination of ingredients, although it was a little heavy due to the creme fraiche. There could have been more mushrooms and less creme fraiche. But all in all, it was still a nice vegetarian galette.

Even though we were clearly all full, we couldn’t say no to trying the sweet crepes. My friend and I were pleased with our decision to share a crepe. We chose the one that had the Swedish speciality of cloudberry jam. We thoroughly enjoyed the cloudberry jam with the pancake, and it was even better as it was served with ice cream.

The crepe itself was so nice: it had crispy edges and a softer centre. Half a pancake for dessert was plenty.

Another sweet crepe that was enjoyed by another friend was a chocolate based one. It had a dark chocolate filling and honeyed walnuts. It was really tasty but quite rich and too much for one person.

The Normandie crepe was filled with apples and cinnamon. It was brought to the table and flambeed. That was a nice touch.

A La Crepe had a nice relaxed atmosphere. The delicious crepes made a fantastic filling meal.

A La Crepe, Katarina Bangata 42, Sodermalm, 11639 Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★☆

Nem Nem Quan – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Reviewed on August 5th, 2010 by Dina

As you enter Nem Nem Quan, some of the seating area is divided by lush green bamboo plants! This Vietnamese restaurant is a busy one! The first time we went there, it was full and the staff weren’t sure how long we would have to wait for a table.

So, we tried again a couple of days later and our luck was in. It was only a short wait till we were given a table!

The menu was in Swedish and they did not have one in English. Again, we were lucky as my friend was on hand to translate! It seemed that some of the waitresses could speak English, so they would have been able to help us too!

This particular evening, I was in an indecisive mood. I really couldn’t decide whether I wanted a rice dish or a noodle one. I was also considering a Pho dish (noodles in soup), that a couple of my friends were having. But there was no vegetarian Pho option. So that quickly ruled that idea out!