Gallipoli Again – Angel

Reviewed on April 28th, 2014 by Dina

Celebrations are important and it’s good to acknowledge achievements, no matter how big or small. After an intense and busy couple of months, that was exactly what our evening out at Gallipoli Again was. A time to relax, catch up and reflect on the successes of the past few months.

Gallipoli Again is part of the Gallipoli family of restaurants on Upper Street. Clusters of ornate lanterns hang from the ceiling creating a soft ambient atmosphere. Carved wooden shelves, walls lined with pictures and dark furniture sets the scene for the restaurant. There is definitely a lovely warmth about the place. The staff were really welcoming, friendly and gave us good service.

A feast for the evening was called for and nothing less was on our minds. The Gallipoli Mixed Mezze seemed to have a good selection of the dishes and it saved us from having to make the hard decision of which of the many starters to chose from.

Gallipoli Again Baba GhannugeGallipoli Again Mixed MezzeGallipoli Again SaladGallipoli Again InteriorGallipoli AgainGallipoli Again Interior 2Gallipoli Again Imam BayildiGallipoli Again Mint TeaGallipoli Again Spinach

The mixed platter had humus, borek, cacik, saksuka and salads of potato, black eyed beans, kisir and bakla. The freshness and flavours of the salads was great. My favourites were the aubergine Saksuka, Potato Salad and Black Eyed Beans. The Saksuka had soft strips of aubergine mixed with carrots and potatoes. The Potato Salad was slightly spiced and flavoured with parsley, herbs and lemon juice. The combination for the Kisir was crushed wheat, mint, tomato paste, spring onions and nuts. Broad beans with dill and garlic made up the Bakla.

For the dips, there was the classic Humus and also the yogurt Cacik. The coolness of the cucumber and mint contrasted the garlic in the Cacik.

The other main components of the Gallipoli Mixed Mezze were the deep fried Falafel and the Borek pastry. I always have a tendency to like the feta cheese and parsley Borek more than chickpea and broad bean Falafel. Olives and breads were also served with our vegetarian Mezze.

If that was not enough, we had to follow our temptation for the Baba Ghannuge. Although lighter than the Humus, this smoky aubergine puree was just as tasty. Something as humble as the aubergine was transformed to a delicious addictive dip to accompany the pitta bread.

The starters at Gallipoli Again sure were filling but we had already ordered our main dishes at the start of the meal. So after a while, we were ready to sample the main delights.

It seemed that it was an aubergine day for me. Imam Bayildi was aubergine filled with mushrooms and onions and topped with peppers. The tomato based sauce that it was served on was tasty. The main dish was delicious and it came with rice and salad.

Softly cooked spinach with potatoes, presented with yogurt and rice was the other main choice. The portions were of a big size but Gallipoli Again does not compromise its quality of food in any way.

After all the food, fresh mint tea was called for. A small silver teapot with a cute glass was how the refreshing tea was served.

Gallipoli Again really does do amazing cuisine and it made for a memorable celebratory evening. It would be interesting to see how the other two Gallipoli restaurants on the same road compare with this one. If they are anything like this one, then it would definitely be fantastic food.

Gallipoli Again, 120 Upper Street, Angel, London, N1 1QP

Rating: ★★★★★

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The Iskele – Old Street

Reviewed on September 20th, 2012 by Dina

As we had come to The Iskele late lunchtime, we were expecting it to be fairly quiet. But it was the opposite, the restaurant was pretty much packed and so it was a good thing that I had made a reservation.

The luscious colours, wall hangings and lanterns from the ceiling welcomes diners into The Iskele! The dining area is fairly big although some of the tables are quite close together. There are lots of ornaments decorating the walls and shelves around the restaurant. The Iskele also has quite a big outdoor dining area with wooden tables and chairs.

A hot and cold starter were chosen! The Falafel were crispy little patties made of chickpeas and had a good flavour to them. They were served on houmous with salad. The classic Houmous was a generous portion and we were given warm bread to go with it.

The Iskele FalafelThe IskeleThe Iskele HoumousThe Iskele InteriorThe Iskele Vegetarian MoussakaThe Iskele Interior 2The Iskele Stuffed ApricotsThe Iskele Mint TeaThe Iskele Tiramisu Savoiardi

Layers of potato, aubergine and courgette with a cheese sauce made up the main dish of Vegetarian Moussaka. It was topped with a lovely tomato sauce as well. The Moussaka was a really filling meal especially as it was served with some chips! It was delicious and quite a hearty meal, perfect for the cold day!

Somehow, there always seems to be some room for dessert, no matter how filling a meal is! Two great choices were the Stuffed Apricots and the Tiramisu Savoiardi. The apricots were filled with cream and were coated with chopped almonds and pistachios. If that wasn’t enough, they were drizzled with a chocolate sauce. A great combination all in all! The Tiramisu Savoiardi was light, creamy, fresh and had the wonderful coffee flavour going through it.

A mint tea was needed to end the meal! Fresh mint leaves infused the hot water, with a slice of lemon on the side.

The Iskele gave us efficient service with a smile. All of the food was of a good portion size and definitely a place to come to if you want to satisfy your appetite!

The Iskele, 179-181 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8QP

Rating: ★★★★½

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Constolia – Holloway

Reviewed on April 8th, 2012 by Dina

It’s always nice to meet friends for a weekday lunch, especially when it’s a Friday! So it feels like the weekend has started early! Constolia has a red and blue themed interior. The walls are decorated with various artwork pieces. The dining area is quite spacious.

The staff were friendly and made us feel comfortable. We were given plenty of time to decide on our order and also we were not rushed through the meal. The waiter even put on the heater for us as he thought that the restaurant was slightly cooler than normal!

The meal started off with a cup of mint tea! This was served in a clear glass with the fresh mint leaves and a slice of lemon. As for food, the starters that we chose were the Falafel and the Sigara Boregi. The Falafel were golf ball sized spheres and were made of chickpeas and broad beans. They were very crispy on the outer but had a softer interior. The Falafel were served with houmous.

Constolia InteriorConstoliaConstolia Interior 2Constolia FalafelConstolia Imam BayaldiConstolia Sigara BoregiConstolia SaladConstolia Interior 3Constolia Mint Tea

The Sigara Boregi were filo pastry triangles filled with feta cheese and parsley. These pastries were generously filled with the feta cheese. The downside was that they tasted quite salty and may have been better if they had an additional filling such as spinach.

The starter dishes were very filling. In addition to them, we were served with a big mixed salad, a separate onion salad and warm flatbread.

It was a choice between the two aubergine dishes, Musakka and Imam Bayaldi, for the main meal. The Musakka was a vegetarian bake with cheese. I didn’t fancy something so heavy so chose the Imam Bayaldi.

The Imam Bayaldi was half of a baked aubergine stuffed with vegetables, raisins and pine nuts. It took centre place on the plate of tomato sauce and also came with rice. The whole dish worked well together. The aubergine was cooked well, the vegetables were tender and the tomato sauce had a good flavour to it. It was quite a rich dish and extremely filling.

All the food at Constolia were big portions! It all seemed to be cooked fresh! Constolia is a nice place to come to for a relaxed lunch. They also do takeaway orders!

Constolia, 207 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DL

Rating: ★★★½☆

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